The 1st Luke’s Community Baby Shower

A huge Success! We wish that everyone in Geary County could have witnessed the successful event Luke’s Community Baby Shower turned out to be on Saturday morning.  We reached our goal of 100 pregnant Mommies attending this event.  Luke’s Community Baby Shower stuck to the Three Prongs of Delivering Change.  We focused on educating Moms and their support systems on keeping healthy throughout their pregnancies, keeping baby healthy and safe with a thorough Safe Sleep demonstration, and offered information filled with the benefits of breast feeding.  All of the Mommies were introduced to ten separate Geary County Community Services which will work together to help in any way possible.

We are so thankful for the support we received from the community businesses which donated time, money, and incredible prizes for the Moms to take away.

Each Pregnant Mommy, walked away with a grab bag chock full of great information, coupons, and treats, AND a Pack’N’Play Safe Sleep Kit.  Several lucky moms also were chosen in the lottery to receive car seats, breast pumps, gift baskets, and so many more exciting gifts to help them prepare for the arrival of their new babies.

We are so excited for the next Luke’s Community Baby Shower – Keep your eyes peeled!!

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