Delivering Change Vision, Mission, and Purpose

In 2011 several startling statistics came to light regarding the health of babies born to Geary County mothers. The Geary County Perinatal Coalition was formed to take a closer look at the issues surrounding these births.

From this coalition came the Delivering Change: Healthy Families-Healthy Communities project, a Four-Pronged Approach to improving community health and wellbeing.  Delivering Change aims: to improve the health of women during their childbearing years, including prenatal health; to promote breastfeeding; improve the health of infants and children; and engage, educate and empower fathers.

Our Specialized Approach

This exciting project was created in response to a growing need for improved health of women of childbearing age, and improved outcomes for the infants born in our community.

Delivering Change creates a community-wide collaborative that aims to increase or improve the tools necessary for improving maternal health and decreasing infant morbidity and mortality.

Delivering Change creates and environment for healthy moms, healthy babies and healthy families… right here in Geary County

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