Improving the Health of Moms

Delivering Change seeks to improve the health and knowledge of the mother (which will improve the health of her infant) through programs to get earlier access to prenatal care, increase prenatal education throughout the pregnancy, as well as, targeting health issues that can also be approached during the pre-conception period such as smoking cessation and decreasing obesity.

Pregnant or Trying to get Pregnant?  Not sure how to get prenatal care for yourself?  Uninsured or under-insured?  Needing more information about you and your baby’s health?

Start Improving Your Health Before Becoming Pregnant

Healthcare and guidance before, during, and after pregnancy is incredibly important. Here are a few points you should remember to ask about when seeking medical care surrounding pregnancy.

Inter-conception Care – Annual exams, preconception health
Prenatal Care – Monthly appointments, ultrasounds, labs
Postpartum Care – Post-delivery follow up, family planning

Where to Look for Preconception and Prenatal Health Care in Geary County

The people and organizations on this page are here to help you be a healthy mom and to have a healthy baby.  From pre-conception care to post-partum recovery you can find all the help you need at the providers listed below.

Delivering Change Navigator
(785) 238-0300

Flint Hills OB/GYN
Anwar Khoury, MD; Terrah Stroda, CNM
Geary Community Hospital, Junction City
Medical Arts Bldg. II; Suite 101 785-223-5555

Irwin Army Community Hospital – OB/GYN
*Tri Care covered patients ONLY
600 Caisson Hill Rd., Fort Riley 785-239-7794

JC Pregnancy Center
823 N. Washington St., Junction City 785-579-5799

Konza Prairie Community Health Center
361 Grant Ave., Junction City, KS 785-238-4711

JC Tobacco Free
1102 St. Mary’s Rd., Suite 106, Junction City, KS 785-238-0300